Cupcakes – Basic

Mix and Match choose any flavour of cake listed in this section, and add any of the listed toppings:

Vanilla Vanilla Buttercream
Chocolate Chocolate Buttercream (flavoured with melted chocolate)
Caramel Orange or Lemon Buttercream
Ginger Marshmallow Buttercream (made with Marshmallow Fluff)
LemonSolid Dark Chocolate
Orange Caramac (when available)

Cupcakes – Special

(not an exhaustive list – new flavours being developed all the time!)

Raspberry & Vanilla "Roses"Vanilla sponge, baked with a raspberry inside and piped with vanilla buttercream in the style of a rose. Various colour roses available.
Raspberry & Coconut "Roses"As above, but with coconut sponge cake.
Orange or Lemon CurdVanilla or orange/lemon flavoured sponge, filled with orange or lemon curd and topped with orange, lemon or vanilla flavoured buttercream.
"Sweetie Cakes"Vanilla sponge with sweets baked into it, eg Smarties, Jelly Tots and, my favourite, Skittles, topped with vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with sweeties. Chocolate option also available.
Chocolate CaramelRich chocolate sponge, with a filling of caramel sauce, topped with either vanilla or chocolate buttercream and drizzled with more caramel sauce.
Chocolate FudgeChocolate sponge, with a piece of fudge baked inside, piped with chocolate or vanilla buttercream and topped with a sliver of fudge for decoration.
Chocolate OrangeChocolate cake with belgium chocolate buttercream and topped with a segment of Terry's chocolate orange.
Chocolate Mint - "After Dinner Cupcakes"Chocolate mint sponge cakes, with vanilla buttercream and topped with half an after dinner mint.
Cappuccino/Caramel LatteCoffee cake with vanilla buttercream, dusted with chocolate powder and topped with chocolate sprinkles/coffee cake with coffee buttercream topped with caramel sauce and a chocolate coffee bean
Rocky RoadChocolate cake heaped with mini marshmallows, chocolate buttons, etc., and drizzled with melted chocolate.
Black ForestChocolate sponge, with cherry pie filling, topped with vanilla buttercream, a little cherry sauce, and crumbled Cadburys Flake (minimum order 12 cakes)
OreoDark Chocolate cake baked with a base of half an Oreo cookie, topped with either vanilla or chocolate buttercream and another half Oreo.
Raspberry TrifleMoist vanilla sponge, baked with a raspberry in the bottom, with a custard flavour filling and meringue buttercream topping.
Banana CaramelButterscotch banana cake, topped with banana buttercream and drizzled with caramel sauce (minimum order 12 cakes)
CarrotLightly spiced moist carrot cake with mixed fruit but no nuts unless requested (minimum order 12 cakes)
FlorentineA choice of chocolate or vanilla cake, spread with chocolate or vanilla buttercream and topped with a mini home-made florentine (minimum order 6 cakes)
Meringue ButtercreamAny "Basic" cupcake topped with a Meringue Buttercream. This topping is lighter and less sweet than traditional buttercream (and more messy!). It is made by whipping egg whites and sugar syrup over heat before adding butter.
Seasonal SpecialsFor example, cream egg cakes for Easter, Christmas mincemeat cupcakes, Christmas tree truffle cakes, etc.,