I’m open to suggestion for preferred flavours and am happy to do research on your behalf if there is a flavour that you would like that I don’t currently provide, but my basic flavours are listed below:

VanillaBasic vanilla sponge, moist and light with a good vanilla flavour.
ChocolateRegular chocolate cake, filled with a choice of vanilla or chocolate buttercream and,, by special request, black cherry jam.
"Caramel"A vanilla sponge, but made with brown sugar, giving it a caramel flavour. Can be filled with either vanilla or chocolate buttercream.
Chocolate StoutRich chocolate sponge made with Guinness or Mackesons stout. With or without either chocolate or vanilla buttercream filling. The stout adds moistness without affecting the rich chocolate flavour.
LemonYellow sponge flavoured with lemon - tangy and sweet but not overpowering.
Light FruitFor those who don't like rich fruit cake but want something different to normal sponge. Plenty of fruit without the heaviness.
Rich Fruit Packed with fruit and nuts and made with or without alcohol. Needs time to mature so order well in advance if possible.