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  • Fans & Baubles

    This year I took the plunge and did something I had been contemplating for some time.  The circumstances arose where I could attend the Cake International Show in Birmingham this year, which I hadn’t previously been able to due to other commitments.  To make the most of the opportunity I decided to enter one of 

  • Scaling New Heights

    This wedding cake is, at the point of writing this, the tallest cake I have ever made, if you include the topper!  5 tiers plus the ball of flowers on top, and most of the tiers were extra tall tiers too. The bride had already a specific design in mind, so I worked to that 

  • Cupcake Tower – Turquoise and Yellow

    Another cupcake tower, this for a lovely lady who happens to be a colleague in my day job.  She had already found some cupcake ideas she liked with the colour scheme being turquoise and yellow and some simple flowers and sprinkles and had in mind a ruffle style decoration for the top cutting cake. The 

  • Coming to a Cinema Near You

    A real cinema theme to this wedding cake. This was ordered by the parents rather than the bride or groom, and was to represent one of their first dates and their favourite movie.  Highlights of the cake were cinema doors, cinema seats, a quote from the film and of course popcorn.  The toppers were all 

  • Beautiful Blue & Ivory

    Sometimes I get a customer who doesn’t have a defined idea of their design already when they come to me, and who like to ask me for ideas.  This lovely couple had a colour theme only.  They wanted the design kept quite simple, not overly flowery, and definitely no hearts!   The colour scheme was shades 

  • Berry Beautiful

    A trend for a while now has been “naked” cakes, which are basically cakes with no icing covering.  They can be decorated in many ways and this couple chose a mixture of summer berries.  The cakes are brushed with a sugar syrup to stop the sponge drying out, and are sandwiched with buttercream.  The tiers 

  • Midnight Stars

      An interestingly unusual colour theme for this wedding cake.  A midnight blue iced cake with a marbled effect and some fine gold highlights,  lots of gold stars and the happy couple on top, with their dog waiting patiently below. This design came completely from the bride and I love how she wanted to include 

  • Hearts & Roses 2

    Inspired by a previous cake design, the colours were chosen by the customer.  I was pleasantly surprised exactly how striking the colours turned out to be as a contrast with each other, making the cake even more spectacular.  With matching cupcakes, once set up at the venue they made a fantastic display.  This also itself 

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