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  • Gothic Wedding – Take Two

    If you have been looking through my cakes, and think this one looks a little familiar, then you would be correct.  Several years ago, for my first wedding fair I made a gothic cake dummy, which I used for a few years before it suffered serious damage to three of the four tiers during transit 

  • Chalkboard

    One of four dummy cakes which I made for 2018 wedding fairs.  This one combines three different ideas which are trending at the moment. The chalkboard is made with a black icing, with hand-painted writing and a dusting of white powder food colour. The bottom tier, is a duck egg blue, with a same coloured 

  • Beads & Ruffles

    One of four dummy cakes made for 2018 wedding fairs. This is a 5 tier cake which is intended to show several ideas which can be used in wedding cakes – it is also showing a non-traditional option of only having a 1″ different between sizes of tiers, where the norm is 2″.  If you 

  • Square with Roses

    One of four dummy cakes made for 2018 wedding fairs. This one came about because I had made a customer’s wedding cake (heart shaped with roses) and got a bit carried away making roses!  Not wanting to waste the leftover flowers, and loving the customer’s chosen colours so much,  I thought it would make an 

  • Orchids & Gold

    One of four dummy cakes made for 2018 wedding fairs.  This is a design which combines several different ideas that I had liked.  The orchid was made from rice/wafer paper, using a tutorial from Paul Bradford, a well know “name” in cake decoration.  I’d seen the tutorial some time ago and saved it for future 

  • Drip, Drip, Drip, Too

    A completely different take on a “drip” cake (see Drip, Drip Drip).  Usually in chocolate, this one was requested in lemon.  A lemon sponge, with buttercream filling and coating, a topping and drip made from lemon curd and decorated with mini meringues. Although I don’t tend to eat a lot of cake (yes, I know 

  • Beatrix Potter

    This order was for a naming ceremony for some special twins and was a joint effort on the design between the customer and myself. Hand painted wisteria are framed by “stonework” effect pillars and arches, with tiers of printed characters and modelled foxgloves “hovering” above hand-made cabbages, cauliflowers and carrots, topped off with the twins’ 

  • We Wish You A Merry (belated) Christmas

    So although I am rather late posting this blog, I would like to show you what I do to celebrate Christmas in a cake fashion when I’m not over-run with other orders! As I don’t personally like fruit cake, and had an abundance of ideas kicking around in my head for Christmas cake designs, I 

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