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  • Burgundy & Ivory Roses

    A tale of four tiers, and three flavours!  Chocolate, vanilla and lemon sponge tiers for the main cake, plus chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and also more chocolate cake in the form of a separate cutting cake to cater for all the guests.  A lovely couple, who had a fantastic venue dressed up beautifully complete with 

  • “Merry” Matrimony!

    A wedding cake with a definite sense of humour!  The slightly “worse for wear” bride and groom toppers were supplied by the customer, but had to be kept secret until the day.  They were made to order with accurate dress details and as per tradition the groom, who came to collect the cake, hadn’t seen 

  • Hearts & Roses

    My first heart-shaped cake but with a popular theme of cascading roses.  Pink and navy blue to match the colour theme of the wedding.  Another beautiful venue and a fantastic day weather-wise for their outdoor wedding in a wonderful setting.  The finishing touch of a lily on top which had special meaning for the bride. 

  • Lace & Roses

    A more traditional look to this wedding cake, but with detail around the base of the tiers using an edible lace product.  To add a little extra detail on the sides of the cake I used a template with royal icing.  There were roses on each corner and a sparkly silver ribbon finished off the 

  • Black & White Floral & Lace

    Not exactly a catchy title for the blog entry, but it does pretty much sum up the cake.  The brief was something with flowers, for a lady’s mother on her 60th birthday, but 60 these days isn’t especially old and with that in mind a more modern colour scheme was suggested by the customer – 

  • Seafood…and eat it

    I can honestly say that I have never before been asked to make a lobster cake but obviously there is a first time for everything, something which I experience often as a cake maker!  A blue lobster, at that.  I have to be totally honest, and say that I didn’t even know that lobsters are 

  • To The Rescue!

    Superhero cakes are a popular theme for children of all ages.  This was a new way of making them for me, using a 2D image instead of a 3D model, but I was really pleased with the effect which is quite dramatic in this
  • Shoes Galore

    A cake for a girl who likes her shoes and handbags!  Inspired partly by the vintage style cakes that I already have in my portfolio, but more up to date.  Three pairs of shoes with matching bags on a pink background, a very “girly” cake!  Those little shoes are very fiddly to make but quite 

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