A lot of this is covered in my full Terms and Conditions, but here are a few of the questions that I am asked most often.

What cakes do you make?

I bake cupcakes, celebration cakes (birthday, christening, baby shower etc) wedding cakes, and cakes for any other life event, all made from scratch, to order.  Cupcakes can be provided in gift boxes to give away, or plain boxes to keep for yourself, or as an alternative to a traditional wedding/birthday/christening cake on a display stand.  Any celebration cake can be either single tier, or multi-tier.

How much notice do you need?

I prefer a clear two weeks from deposit payment to collection/delivery on most cakes.  This gives me time to work out the design, pre-make any required models/features and order any special materials before I start work on the cake itself.   For wedding cakes, I require more notice (preferably 3 months) as the designs are generally more involved.   I may occasionally take on orders with shorter notice, but it depends on my diary/itinerary at the time.

How much do you charge?

This is a difficult one, since all orders are bespoke.  My cupcakes do have a published price list HERE, please note that these prices do not included packaging, the cost of which can vary depending on the number of cakes.  For all requirements, please CONTACT ME providing as much information as position about your requirements, for an individual quote.   Birthday cake prices generally start at a minimum of £40 for an 8” round vanilla, and wedding cakes from around £120 for a two tier, but in all cases the prices depend very much on the size/flavour/design of the required cake.  (NB 8” is not the smallest I can make, simply the most requested)

Do you deliver?

Generally, birthday cakes and cupcakes are for collection only, but it may be possible for me to deliver by arrangement.  A charge of 45p per mile round trip will usually be charged for this service.  Wedding cakes, or any cake three tiers or more are usually for delivery only as it is likely they will need some set up at the venue.    I will usually include the delivery and any setup charge within the price of a wedding cake when I provide a quotation.

Can I order cupcakes as a gift / can you post them?

I can package cupcakes in a gift box, and even include ribbon/card with a message on request for a small additional charge.  Delivery would be dependent on distance and an extra charge would be usually made (see question about delivery above).  Payment would be required in full before delivery.  I am not able to post any cakes, even cupcakes, due to their delicate nature.

Is there a discount for large numbers of cupcakes?

The price list published on this site does incorporate a discounted price for more than 19 cupcakes of the same flavour.  If you require considerably larger quantities, i.e., for a corporate order, please contact me to discuss.

Are your wedding cake prices higher than celebration cakes? Can I get a cheaper cake if I don’t mention the “W” word?

I have heard/read advice between brides suggesting that if you don’t say the word “wedding” then you will get a cheaper cake.  This could be a possibility,   however, you would also be missing out on a lot of the benefits of a wedding order, the consultation/tastings,  a deeper cake (in the case of sponge),  colour matching (as close as possible) to your theme, and a price including delivery in some cases.  I try and keep all my pricing consistent and fair, and if you want a smaller cake as a less expensive option for your big day without all the extras, then I am happy to work with you to attempt to provide something to suit your budget, as long as that budget and design is realistic and you are up-front about your requirements.  It is always good to start a business relationship on an honest and up-front basis.

Do you need a deposit/when is final payment due?

For all orders, including wedding cakes, I take a 50% deposit up front, to be received with a completed and signed booking form – this will then secure the date/booking.  Without the deposit and/or form, your order is not confirmed in my diary and I will be under no obligation to take on your order at a later date.  Cleared final balance for celebration cakes is due on or before collection/delivery, for weddings the balance is due 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding date.

For full details of deposits/timescales etc, please see my full TERMS & CONDITIONS

What methods of payment do you accept?

Preferred methods of payment are by bank transfer, Paypal or cash.  I may accept cheques by prior arrangement, as long as there is sufficient time/opportunity between ordering and date required for me to bank a cheque. You do not need to have a Paypal account to be able to pay by Paypal, and if you prefer to pay by credit/debit card this is the only available option unless you are able to visit in person.

What size cake will I need/how many people will my cake serve?

Please see HERE for a useful guide to portions for round/square fruit or sponge cakes.

Do you provide samples/tasters?

I only provide samples/tasters generally as part of a wedding order, usually within a consultation meeting.  There is usually a charge for these tasters, which is then deducted from the amount payable for the complete order.  I may offer sample/tasters for other orders on request, but this is likely to be in the form of selection box as priced on the cupcake section of this site, and would be payable extra to the final order cost.

What flavour cakes do you do/Do I have to have rich fruit cake for my wedding?

I have a published list of flavours, for both cupcakes, and celebration/wedding cakes, however I am continually adding new flavours, and am also open to suggestion if you would like something that you don’t see on the list.  For wedding cakes, you don’t need to limit yourself to rich fruit cake – these days most orders I take for wedding cakes involve mostly sponge cake of a variety of flavours and I can even offer carrot cake or a lighter fruit cake.  Feel free to mix and match the flavours of the tiers on your wedding cake, as I work out the price for each cake individually I can take this into account when pricing.

Can you cater for food intolerances/allergies?

I am able to make cakes using gluten free/dairy free/nut free/vegan ingredients, however please bear in mind that I do have these ingredients in my kitchen, and the same kitchen area/utensils are used.  Whilst I will do my best to avoid it, cross contamination is always possible – if your allergy is severe, then I would recommend that you find someone who can more specifically cater for your needs.

I’m not certain what design I want for my wedding cake, can I visit to discuss?

I am happy to receive customer visits by appointment.  For a wedding cake this would usually take the form of a consultation where I would provide samples, and we could discuss ideas and designs.  These need to be pre-booked and if samples are required a charge will be made which will then be deducted from any subsequent order.

I’ve found a design online that I like, can you copy it?

Whilst there is no such thing as copyright on a cake design, within the baking community it is considered bad etiquette to copy someone else’s design without first obtaining their agreement.   Some designs, however, are quite generic (eg stripes, combinations of colours) and there will not be the same problem.

I am happy to take ideas from cakes online and work them into something which is more unique to you.   I believe that everyone should have a cake which is special to them and for that reason I do not even completely copy my own designs.  Should there be a certain cake in my gallery that you like, with a few exceptions, I will usually create another interpretation of the same cake rather than a direct copy, and this applies to any cakes that you may find online on other sites.

Can I change the design once I have placed the order?

I will always do my best to accommodate any changes after the order is placed, but please bear in mind that timescales do not always permit major changes, and any change in design may incur a change to the agreed price.

If I provide the cake, can you cover/decorate it?

I am sorry but I am unable to cover/decorate any cake that has not been made by myself.   This is for reasons of liability/traceability should there be any issue with the finished cake.

Can you provide a stand/knife for my wedding cake/cupcakes?

I can provide these on request, with the option of round or square stands for traditional wedding cakes, and/or a cupcake stand to hold up to 80 cupcakes.  All of these may be hired for a small cost.  I do make a small charge and obtain a security deposit which is refundable once the stand is returned undamaged.

How do I contact you?

Contact details are included within the contact section of this website, and there is a form to complete which will send me an email.  I am able to pick up email more easily than to return phone calls, but will reply to either of these as soon as I possibly can. 

I no longer need my cake – can I cancel my order?

If no deposit/form is yet received, then your order hasn’t been confirmed and you are free to cancel without penalty.  In most cases where the deposit has been paid, this will be retained on cancellation as it is likely that work may have started on your order or materials may have been purchased.  Please see my full TERMS and CONDITIONS where my cancellation policy is laid out in full.  In some exceptional circumstances I may be prepared to return all or part of the deposit, but this would depend on the individual circumstance.  Please remember that although no physical work may yet have been done, I may have already spend some considerable time on the design stage of your cake even months in advance of the delivery/collection date.

Everything else…

If you have any other questions which not been covered here, please feel free to contact me to discuss.