Prices for celebration cakes and party cakes will vary dependent on your requirements, i.e. size of cake, complexity of decoration, and type or flavour.  For example,  for an 8 inch round, or 7 inch square, vanilla sponge with quite basic decoration the starting price is £33.  Please contact me for an individual quotation.

See the table below for a rough guide to the number of portions from various sized cakes.

Rich fruit cakes traditionally would be cut into pieces measuring 1 inch x 1 inch, whereas sponge cake portions are usually about 2 inch x 1 inch, so a sponge cake will provide fewer portions than a similar sized fruit cake. Shapes such as ovals, hearts and hexagons will give roughly the same number of portions as a round cake of the same size. Obviously square cakes will be easier to cut into even portions than round cakes.  (Click image for larger version)