4 x 4 x Mud

A birthday cake with a model Land Rover would not be at all complete with some sugar mud to go with it! The recipient of this cake was a Land Rover fanatic, the model being a representation of one of his actual vehicles.  The vehicle itself was made out of what is know as Rice Krispie Treat and covered in sugarpaste before decorating.  I have used this medium a couple of times where the model is too large to be made purely from sugarpaste, but too small to be cake.  Its completely edible and quite light so needs no additional support anywhere.  The trees are cakepops, so everything on this cake is totally edible except for the tree trunks which are cakepop sticks.

I tried to be clever by adding the Land Rover logo with the recipient’s name, all done with the airbrush and but out masking sheet.

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