Chick, Chick, Chicken

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The thing I love about this job at times is the unimaginable variety of requests I receive for cakes.  A lot of the cakes I make are “firsts” for me, and I am frequently surprised by the themes that people choose.  A chicken cake was definitely a new one on me, and with an egg – it absolutely had to have an egg!!

The young girl this cake was for had an interest in chickens, in particular the Buff Orpington.   I know very little about chickens, but quickly went to work “Googling”.   The description which I read was that it was a chicken with a “fluffy bottom” and this made perfect sense once I looked at some pictures. The chicken on the cake is a raised design, a bit like a “bas relief” effect, with some areas as individual feathers, and some with a texture to give the look of “fluffiness”.

The all important eggs (I made two)  were made from shaped rice krispie squares covered in icing,   If it had been more the season, I may have chosen to ice a crème egg instead.

The cake inside was also interesting, another chance to deviate from the norm, an orange cake covered in dark chocolate ganache.