Slightly Gothic

I’ve been itching to do a more gothic design on a cake for a long time, and when I was given a briefing where the only specifications were “black, red, or purple, slightly gothic, whatever you feel like” it didn’t take long to come up with this design which was a present for a friend of the person ordering – we agreed on red, with roses, skulls and spider webs.  I had a vision in my head of a cake which gradually darkened in colour towards the bottom and the corners, and this meant buying an airbrush (just waiting for an excuse!) which I then used to spray black onto the red iced cake to produce the shading.

The roses were modelled by hand, the tiny skulls from a mould which I first used on my mini gothic Christmas cakes, and the writing and spiders webs were piped freehand as was the surround of the plaque that the roses are sitting on.

I can’t really say where this design came from, it just sort of appeared in my head quite quickly when presented with the brief, and it turned out just as I envisaged, even the airbrushing went well after a little practice.  Very well received too.

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