Super Wedding

I love an unusual design, particularly if it comes with a story, even if only a short one.  This was a wedding cake for a couple who wanted very different things in the design of their cake.  One was a superhero fan and wanted a themed cake, the other partner wanted something very traditional.  Doing the rounds around this time in Pinterest and such were the “half and half” cakes, where one side is themed, and the other traditional – sometimes very obviously half and half, and sometimes traditional at the front and the theme hidden at the back until the cake is rotated.

We decided to go against this and do something slightly different in that one tier was traditional white, with piped decoration, with the top tier as the superhero part of the cake, giving the opportunity to tie the two together by making the cape flow down the back of both tiers.

As it was a small wedding, I recommended using a cake stand which lifted the cake from the table.  The one shown  is mine, for the purposes of the photos, but the couple did use something quite similar on the big day itself.  A raised cake stand is a good tip for staging a smaller wedding cake as it adds a bit of height which you lose by having fewer tiers.

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