Away with the Fairies!

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I must say I had never made a sugarpaste fairy before when I received this order……but I’ll give anything a go, so set about working out how to make a pretty (but not cute) fairy which was suitable for an adult whose favourite colour was purple.  There was no question that the fairy had to be purple and the request for the cake itself was to be purple, but after a discussion we decided that lilac would be a better option, for one thing it would contrast the fairy much better and make her stand out.  We decided on a character much like “Goth Girl” with wings (see my post “Happy Birthday Goth Girl”.

I looked on the internet for some inspiration, but in the end I worked purely from my own imagination to create the character.  Once I made her skirt and boots, the rest just sort of naturally followed – she just had to have dark hair for some reason (my own) and I decided that rather than make solid sugarpaste wings, she would look much more delicate if I piped royal icing ones.  I like to push myself outside of my comfort zone sometimes!

This is the most lifelike and feminine sugarpaste model I have done to date and I’m really pleased how she turned out – I do think that it was worth the extra time and effort to make the lace effect wings instead of sugarpaste ones would have looked far too “solid”.  I was very worried about how fragile they would be to handle when attaching them to the body, but with the double layer of piping they were actually quite rigid.