Fans & Baubles

This year I took the plunge and did something I had been contemplating for some time.  The circumstances arose where I could attend the Cake International Show in Birmingham this year, which I hadn’t previously been able to due to other commitments.  To make the most of the opportunity I decided to enter one of 

Two Hoots Too

Owls are a popular theme, and this is the third owl cake I have made.  Two owls for two girls, twins nicknamed “Mally” and “Mooie”, although I don’t know their real names!  The owls are chocolate cake, and covered in chocolate flavored sugarpaste.  The branch is made of the same chocolate sugarpaste and the board 

Albert 100

Its not often a cake maker gets a request for a cake for a 100th birthday, and it is always an honour.  This is actually the second 100th birthday cake I’ve made, this time for a gentleman who is a keen supporter of Arsenal FC.  I don’t usually use printed toppers for my cakes, but 

Lilies & Roses Wedding

Another wedding cake for a friend, and it needed to be delivered to Ipswich area, luckily we were invited guests too!  Transported in two sections with extra flowers and finally assembled at the venue.  Also because of the numbers expected due to the fact it was to be served immediately after the church service rather than at 

New Baby

Cupcakes for a very special baby shower.  This was for a lady with whom I work, and were ordered by another of my colleagues.  The booties and bottles cupcake design goes back a few years for me, to when I first started out, being ordered by the recipient of these latest ones for one of 

Margharita Time

This cake was an unusual one in that it was designed by the recipients – two young ladies, who would be sharing a birthday party.  The zebra pattern, and coloured stripes are nothing new as far as cake design in itself, but go well together on this cake – as well as the different coloured 

Happy Honeymoon

This is the first time I’ve ever been asked to make a “honeymoon” cake!  The wedding was due to take place on one day, with a honeymoon going away party on another night – I didn’t make the wedding cake, but I was asked to make a special cake to wish the newlyweds well as 


Also to be seen on my “Superlego” post, this is a cake based on the popular building bricks and including little figures of various lego superheroes.  Very colourful!

Like Pigs in Mud

Just a bit of fun, and a play around with a theme that has being doing the rounds on Facebook and various websites for some time – I don’t like to be the same as everyone else, so I transferred the idea to cupcakes, these were chocolate and topped with a poured chocolate ganache before