Shoes Galore!

A very lucky 5o year old lady, had these ordered by her daughter and husband, who also apparently filled the house with balloons in readiness for a very special party!  Not only a the main cake in the shape of a shoebox, with a stiletto shoe and a little model of the recipient, but 70 

E-Type Jaguar Birthday Cake

The customer asked her husband what he would like for his birthday.  “An E-Type Jaguar” was the answer, and so she came to me – and that was my brief! The car, driver, trees and grass are all contoured and raised from the surface of the cake giving a semi 3D effect.  She asked for the 

Better the Devil…

This was one of my more unusual and interesting requests that took a little research, and has a bit of a back story.  The Dent Devil is the logo of a vehicle dent removal company and the cake was for a guy known as “The Doctor” to his workmates, the devil was to have a 

T-wit, T-woo

More owls!  This time in 3D, and pretty in pink – lots of flowers for an 18 year old “girly” girl who loves owls and all things pink.  This is a mixture of models, cut outs and brush embroidery.  

Golden Wedding

An order for a couple’s golden wedding anniversary, in the shape of an open book.  A pretty, straightforward design but still with the opportunity to be artistic.  This was hand-carved, and one side was traditional rich fruit cake with marzipan, and the other was vanilla sponge, all covered with sugarpaste as one cake.

Fishing – V2 and V3!

It seems that fishing is a popular theme for birthday cakes!  These are two more cakes I’ve made along this theme.  Every cake I make is individual, and never two exactly the same, even when the theme is, so each of these has little touches than make it different from the previous one.  I’ve found 

Getting knotted

No clues as to the theme of this one!  For a lady who is into knitting and was turning 70.  A quick turnaround on this one during a busy period, but enough time to order a mat to imprint sugarpaste with a knitted design, and then it was up to me to make it look 


I’m a big fan of old aeroplanes, my favourite actually being the Lancaster bomber, but I was asked to make a cake its Battle of Britain Memorial Flight companion, the Spitfire, on it, and was glad to oblige. In my thinking, the best view of an aircraft is always as it is flying, so I didn’t 

One Hundred and Eighteee

A cake for a boy who loves to play darts.  I decided that the scores needed to count down to the show the age on the “blackboard”, a bit of maths needed here, and a lot of thinking,  as I’m not a darts player myself but wanted to make the scores realistic – hopefully I’ve