A Day at the Zoo

  There’s a story to this cake…..as there are with many, but this was made for a friend.  We went on a trip to the zoo back a year or two, and inexplicably our friends’ son took a particular liking to the giraffes we saw.  They are strange and interesting creatures.  Since then, the interest 

Pirates Ahoy

A short notice order for someone who had been let down by a well known up-market food store – for a young lad who had chosen pirates as his theme, with plenty of gold!  My first attempt at a treasure chest, and to give plenty of cake to go around at the party I sat the 


Another band themed cake this time Slipknot – recognisable by the masks they wear whilst performing on stage – I took the band’s logo, and a selection of four of the masks, added the required name “Flash” in the correct font and that was done – simple!  Or not….. the logo was an interesting one 


I seem to get a lot of orders for cakes with a rock band theme – and I do really enjoy doing these sort of cakes too – this one was for a Metallica fan, and the customer had sent me images of a style of cake that she wanted, which was the “rock salute” 

Sew Far, Sew Good

Playing about with a germ of an idea I picked up at Cake International in London earlier in the year, I created this sewing/patchwork themed cake for my own birthday this year.  The colours are not normally what I would choose for myself, but I liked the fresh feel that they gave the cake.  I 


I think it was only a matter of time before I was asked to make a cake in the shape of a VW camper van, as they are such iconic vehicles and popular cakes.  It turns out they are like buses, as not longer after I did the first one, I had a totally unrelated 


The brief received was for a stripper sitting on the side of a cake – given the timescale (this was a later order) there wasn’t enough time for the model to dry enough for me to be confident that she would safely sit on the side of a cake, so I worked with the customer 


I was pleased to be asked to make a cake for a gentleman that I worked with for about a year before his retirement – the order was placed secretly by his wife and everything was very “hush-hush”! The main cake was fruit cake, because it is his favourite, with cupcakes a mixture of chocolate, 

Away with the Fairies!

I must say I had never made a sugarpaste fairy before when I received this order……but I’ll give anything a go, so set about working out how to make a pretty (but not cute) fairy which was suitable for an adult whose favourite colour was purple.  There was no question that the fairy had to