The brief received was for a stripper sitting on the side of a cake – given the timescale (this was a later order) there wasn’t enough time for the model to dry enough for me to be confident that she would safely sit on the side of a cake, so I worked with the customer to come up with this design – a girl bursting from the cake.  To protect her modesty I partially clothed her – a red bikini as requested, and the girl had to have shoulder length brown hair too, and a substantial bust!  The body was modelled all from one piece of sugarpaste, including her bottom and her bust, which is something new for me.  The head and arms were added after the body had dried for a while – I even did her make up and painted her nails.

About a year later, surprisingly another lady contacted me to ask if I could make this cake again for her boyfriend’s 40th birthday.   She didn’t need much changing, just the hair colour of the girl, her boyfriend’s name was Craig!  So this is what the lady in the cake looks like as a blonde…..