Christmas Bauble Cupcakes

Cupcakes decorated to look like Christmas Tree baubles, in a gift box, and another decorated with a theme of rock bands, for a couple who are fans of Metallica, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  All packaged with tissue paper to make them look even more like expensive tree baubles.


Another dummy wedding cake for a wedding fayre  – I had just worked on a couple of “alternative”, gothic, dark, style dummy cakes, so wanted something to contrast and show I can do a variety of styles.  I was going for a pastel, almost vintage look, something “sweet” with a cupcake on top, and its 

New Baby

Cupcakes for a very special baby shower.  This was for a lady with whom I work, and were ordered by another of my colleagues.  The booties and bottles cupcake design goes back a few years for me, to when I first started out, being ordered by the recipient of these latest ones for one of 

Like Pigs in Mud

Just a bit of fun, and a play around with a theme that has being doing the rounds on Facebook and various websites for some time – I don’t like to be the same as everyone else, so I transferred the idea to cupcakes, these were chocolate and topped with a poured chocolate ganache before 

Cakepops & Pushpops

Not quite a cake, not quite a lolly, cakepops are a mixture of the two and a treat in their own right.  Moist cake, crumbed and mixed with buttercream and with a stick inserted before being coated in a chocolate covering.  Cakepops can be themed, flavoured, individually wrapped, displayed and enjoyed for any occasion, birthday, 

Black & White Wedding

There can be no greater honour for a cake maker than to be asked to make a cake for your own friends’ wedding.  In this case, even more of an honour as they could so easily have chosen someone much more local, being over 100 miles away. It took a while to come up with 

Cupcake Gift Boxes

Some examples of gift boxes for which I’ve recently had orders.  I sell boxes of 6, or 12 standard sized cupcakes or boxes of 24 mini ones – I can do all the same flavour, or assorted flavours. One of these was for a 60th birthday gift, simple buttercream swirls with some pretty flower decorations – another 

Ooh Baby, Baby.

Christening cupcakes and baby shower cupcakes – similar theme for both, but different flavours.  Baby booties and bottles all handmade and piped/painted.


I was pleased to be asked to make a cake for a gentleman that I worked with for about a year before his retirement – the order was placed secretly by his wife and everything was very “hush-hush”! The main cake was fruit cake, because it is his favourite, with cupcakes a mixture of chocolate,