A Day at the Zoo

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There’s a story to this cake…..as there are with many, but this was made for a friend.  We went on a trip to the zoo back a year or two, and inexplicably our friends’ son took a particular liking to the giraffes we saw.  They are strange and interesting creatures.  Since then, the interest didn’t diminish one bit, so when we re-visited again in the summer we went pretty much straight to the giraffes, where he got to hand feed them and have some photos taken.

Come November, and it was his 16th birthday, what other theme for the cake could there be, but giraffes!  That was the brief, and the rest was left up to my imagination.  I came up with the ide of  a small diameter, but extra tall cake, with giraffe’s walking around it.  I hadn’t long completed an airbrush course so I thought I’d attempt the sky and terrain with the airbrush, intending to hand paint in the trees and bushes, etc.  I got a bit carried away and ended up airbrushing all the detail except for the print on the giraffes themselves.  I even impressed myself!  The look on the recipients face when the cake was brought out at his birthday meal was worth all the work that went into it, and we had strict instructions to cut the cake but not damage the giraffes themselves!  I think they lived on for some time after the event….