I was pleased to be asked to make a cake for a gentleman that I worked with for about a year before his retirement – the order was placed secretly by his wife and everything was very “hush-hush”!

The main cake was fruit cake, because it is his favourite, with cupcakes a mixture of chocolate, vanilla and lemon flavours for those guests not quite so keen on fruit cake.  The theme was retirement interests, to incorporate gardening, a new love of his greenhouse, especially tomato plants, birds, football and fishing.  As I couldn’t quite work out how to incorporate the football and fishing interest into a garden design, we decided that the main cake would be the garden, with the cupcakes depicting the football and fishing interests.

I used the greenhouse as another excuse to bring out the new airbrush.

I gather the secret party was a great success, and the cakes went down well.  Its always nice to get feedback, and I also got to see photos of the cake being cut.


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