Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty themed cake for a little girl who was 5 today.  She chose the design from a picture she had seen, and I adapted it so as not to do a direct copy and make it more individual for her.  The bow is from the original, the flowers are mine, and the banner at the 


Another transport themed cake, this time a monster of a 12″ square rich fruit cake for a fan of tractors – complete with model tractor provided to work from!  This time the model had to be 3D and standing on top of the cake rather than in relief as I have done before – I 


A request for an 80th birthday cake with the new Typhoon Aerofigher on – I’m always up for a challenge and enjoyed making this one, although the fields took ages!  The cake is cut at an angle to give it more of an impression of the plane flying.  


Much talk of “creme egg cupcakes” on various online cake forums, so I decided to give them a go for myself.  These are chocolate cakes with mini creme eggs inside – I also tried using mini caramel eggs too.  Decorated with grass and flowers for a springtime look. I also found some “micro eggs” in