Happy Honeymoon

This is the first time I’ve ever been asked to make a “honeymoon” cake!  The wedding was due to take place on one day, with a honeymoon going away party on another night – I didn’t make the wedding cake, but I was asked to make a special cake to wish the newlyweds well as they left for their amazing sounding honeymoon. The customer was quite specific about what the cake had to contain, and my challenge was fitting it all into one design.  I like to make make cakes all edible where possible but had to admit defeat on this front to make the palm tree and the umbrella, but otherwise the only inedible parts are a little support in the figures which is standard if they are of a more fragile variety and need to travel (to Norwich in this case).  I employed the airbrush once again for the sea effect.  The inscription on the scroll at the front of the cake reads “May your Honeymoon Never End”.

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