Black & White Floral & Lace

Not exactly a catchy title for the blog entry, but it does pretty much sum up the cake.  The brief was something with flowers, for a lady’s mother on her 60th birthday, but 60 these days isn’t especially old and with that in mind a more modern colour scheme was suggested by the customer – she had seen a few cakes she liked, and one which I picked up as being something to play with was the black and white horizontal stripes.  The colours chosen for the flowers were a mixture of more modern bright colours, with a few pastels and lilac thrown in.

The lace was my own touch, I made the lace flowers for the cake, and then I thought that the lace border on the join before the cake and the board would finish it off nicely.

On my facebook page there is a series of timelapse videos of the making of this cake – we had been toying with the idea of doing this type of video on a more intricate birthday cake for some time, having already made one of a much simpler cake and a couple of cupcake videos too – with the aim of showing the process, and the timescale involved.

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