Black & White Floral & Lace

Not exactly a catchy title for the blog entry, but it does pretty much sum up the cake.  The brief was something with flowers, for a lady’s mother on her 60th birthday, but 60 these days isn’t especially old and with that in mind a more modern colour scheme was suggested by the customer – 

Black & White Flowers v2

Another wedding cake which is based on one I’ve previously made – this one is a round version of a previous square cake.  I don’t like making two cakes the same, so the detailing is slightly different as well as the shape.  I think this does work very well as a round cake too.  The 

Statue of Liberty

I have never had reason to particularly study the Statue of Liberty….until I got the order for this cake, and then I spent some quality tine with Google images!  The basic cake was airbrushed, and then a cutter used to make the New York skyline.  I stood the buildings away from the sides of the