Scaling New Heights

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This wedding cake is, at the point of writing this, the tallest cake I have ever made, if you include the topper!  5 tiers plus the ball of flowers on top, and most of the tiers were extra tall tiers too.

The bride had already a specific design in mind, so I worked to that as closely as I could.  The bottom tier was 12″, so the ruffles took several hours to complete, even with extra help.  For those who are not good with roman numerals, these represent the date of the wedding and were silver, and the cake was further personalised with a monogram of the bride’s and groom’s initials within a silver framework.  The cake topper was a dummy cake sphere covered in icing and then lots of hydrangea blossoms.

Transportation was managed by splitting the cake into two sections and re-assembling on site with the finishing royal icing piping applied at the join.