Party Cake Experimentation!

I saw these little biscuit tube things in a local shop and it gave me an idea for a cake, in fact I ended up making three in different flavours just for experimentation!  These are only small, but would scale up quite happily.

The square one is chocolate mint, the cake is chocolate, the buttercream is mint and the biscuit tubes are chocolate mint flavoured, its topped with a rose made from modelling chocolate.

There is a chocolate & coffee round one which is decorated with chocolate buttercream and Mars planets, the biscuit tubes are coffee flavoured.

The last, but brightest one, and my favourite, is the M&Ms cake – the cake is again chocolate, the biscuit tubes are vanilla & chocolate, and I made them come a bit higher up the cake and then poured M&Ms into the middle.

I’m not completely happy as I didn’t realise how uneven the biscuit tubes were along the top, but I can improve on that – I  could do this style of cake using other types of decoration on the oustide, such as cadbury’s fingers, flake bars or similar and of course the topping could be any style of buttercream, or any type of sweet – would make a lovely party cake, or maybe a birthday cake for a chocolate lover.