The Gathering


What can I say about this order? One of the most ambitious hand painting and modelling jobs yet I think, with a very unusual subject matter. The cake (as is often the case) has a story with it… was made for a pub that opened its doors on the same day last year that I went official and started trading myself, and was paid for from the proceeds of a whip round by the regulars (including ourselves).  During the year a local tattoo artist drew a picture as a gift for the pub – this I was asked to reproduce in icing for the top of the cake, and around the sides are items to represent the pub lift – the beer on the front, live music on one side, motorbikes (did I mention that its a rock and bikers pub) on the other, and on the back representation of open mic nights and quiz nights.  A very detailed brief! I was actually at the party where the cake was presented, and so was the tattoo artist – I’m pleased to say it got the thumbs up from him, and the recipients were so pleased with it too.[envira-gallery id=”4721″]