Roses Cupcake Tower

I love cupcake towers, I think they look so effective and when using the full height of the stand they make quite an impressive display. This order was actually for a joint birthday party, but would work just as effectively for a wedding. Each cupcake has two small roses, and a monogrammed plaque with either 

Giraffes Say “Cheese”

No more giraffe cakes I said……….but this is a giraffe cake with a difference.  The lady recipient of this order had visited a giraffe park on holiday, fed the giraffes and bought a photo frame from the gift shop which was a cuddly giraffe holding a photo.  Her husband told me how much she had 

Giraffe Manor

As the last giraffe cake was a special one-off design for a friend, I didn’t see that day that I would be making something similar once again.  The thing I like most about what I do is often there is a story behind the cake design, and this time the story persuaded me to re-visit 

Car Collection

A popular theme for cakes is of a motoring nature – 17th or 18th birthdays are often accompanied by either driving lessons or a new car and celebrated with a cake along the same theme. A couple of examples here, both based on photos of the recipients’ actual vehicles.

Purple Butterflies

A specific request for the design on this two tier cake for a lady who was turning 90, lots of butterflies in shades of purple, and the name at the bottom in flowers.  I gave some of the butterflies a little bit of a shimmer using an edible airbrush paint, and spiraled them around the cake 

Pink & Ruffly

A very loose brief for a pretty two tier cake with roses in pink, for a mother’s 60th  birthday.  I wanted to do something a little different (as I always like to do!).  A technique that I’ve used on a couple of cakes before is a ruffle effect, but previously only in chocolate.  Strips of sugarpaste 

Chelsea FC

Football themed cakes are always popular.  Surprisingly to me, considering the area in which we live, there seems to be a reasonable Chelsea FC following around here, and that filters through into my cake world when the supporters families order cakes for their birthday.  The two tiered cake combines the Chelsea theme with the style 

19th Hole

Another golf themed cake  – its been a while since the last and this time incorporates a model golfer – I asked about the recipients skill level before making this and whilst apparently not a bad golfer, it was thought to be amusing to put him in the bunker struggling to get out! I bet he’ll be