Lilies & Roses Wedding

Another wedding cake for a friend, and it needed to be delivered to Ipswich area, luckily we were invited guests too!  Transported in two sections with extra flowers and finally assembled at the venue.  Also because of the numbers expected due to the fact it was to be served immediately after the church service rather than at 

House Party

A huge cake this one, and heavy too.  Possibly a bit bigger and heavier than the customer anticipated – it is often difficult from a customer’s point of view to visualise cake sizes from just written measurements at the time of ordering. Any fans of Homer & Bart should recognise this house.  A definite deviation 

Pink with a Modern Twist

Another request for a pink cake, there seem to be a good number of people who want pink cakes!  This one had my interest as the gentleman who ordered it for his wife’s birthday didn’t especially want it flowery, instead he wanted more “modern” but still “girly” This one came pretty much out of my head 

Super Wedding

I love an unusual design, particularly if it comes with a story, even if only a short one.  This was a wedding cake for a couple who wanted very different things in the design of their cake.  One was a superhero fan and wanted a themed cake, the other partner wanted something very traditional.  Doing 


His Harley Davidson is his pride and joy. so what better way to celebrate this gentleman’s landmark 4oth birthday than a model of it on top of a cake. This is one of the most involved models I have made, and is entirely edible – it took over a week to make!  


A very colourful Disney cake, totally different from anything I’ve done before, and although I usually make a point that all my decorations are as edible as possible, the recipient of this cake also gets the plastic figures to play with, and I don’t have any copyright infringement issues either!  In all a very fun 

Christmas Bauble Cupcakes

Cupcakes decorated to look like Christmas Tree baubles, in a gift box, and another decorated with a theme of rock bands, for a couple who are fans of Metallica, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  All packaged with tissue paper to make them look even more like expensive tree baubles.

Black & Red & Roses

A dummy cake which I made for a wedding fayre – works well as a small wedding cake, or an extravagant birthday cake.  In all there are around 20 roses on this one, the cake sizes are 10″ shallow bottom tier and a tall 6″ top tier.  The pattern on the sides is a product 

Caught in the Web

A very popular superhero, but the first time I have been asked to make him.  Working with the customer to find ideas that would appeal to her son, we starting with a selection of superheroes in one cake, established his actual favourite character and finally narrowed it down to this one in particular, I suggested this particular