Chelsea FC

Football themed cakes are always popular.  Surprisingly to me, considering the area in which we live, there seems to be a reasonable Chelsea FC following around here, and that filters through into my cake world when the supporters families order cakes for their birthday.  The two tiered cake combines the Chelsea theme with the style 

19th Hole

Another golf themed cake  – its been a while since the last and this time incorporates a model golfer – I asked about the recipients skill level before making this and whilst apparently not a bad golfer, it was thought to be amusing to put him in the bunker struggling to get out! I bet he’ll be 

Fairy Castle

It seems that every cake maker at some point will be asked to make a fairy castle cake.  Personally they are not my favourite, but I found a design that is a little different from most that you see online, and the customer agreed that this was what they would like.  Some people would use 

Zebra Patterned Baby Shower

A cake for a baby shower, with pretty pink booties and a baby’s rattle.   The lady who ordered particularly liked a zebra striped pattern, but I worried that it would overpower the rest of the cake, so I styled a baby blanket with a zebra stripe design to lay over the white cake.   The 

A Bit Flakey

A simple but effective idea for a cake design – chocolate cake surrounded by Cadburys flakes, and a chocolate fondant bow – filled with either ganache or chocolate buttercream.  The recipient of this one must have been a real chocolate lover

Two Hoots Too

Owls are a popular theme, and this is the third owl cake I have made.  Two owls for two girls, twins nicknamed “Mally” and “Mooie”, although I don’t know their real names!  The owls are chocolate cake, and covered in chocolate flavored sugarpaste.  The branch is made of the same chocolate sugarpaste and the board 


A rather unusual cake requested for a regular customer’s 40th birthday.  This guy is a smoker and his girlfriend asked for ideas based on a packet of his preferred brand of cigarette.  This is what my odd imagination came up with!  The cigarette packet itself was completely airbrushed, including the lettering, proving a bit of 

Albert 100

Its not often a cake maker gets a request for a cake for a 100th birthday, and it is always an honour.  This is actually the second 100th birthday cake I’ve made, this time for a gentleman who is a keen supporter of Arsenal FC.  I don’t usually use printed toppers for my cakes, but 


Vintage style cake with handbag and shoes for a fan of Cath Kidston.  A chance to use my very fiddly tiny shoe cutters and former, which proved to be a bit of a challenge at that size.. . . . Later, a chance to have a another go at the same design, and another play with the