Roses Cupcake Tower

I love cupcake towers, I think they look so effective and when using the full height of the stand they make quite an impressive display. This order was actually for a joint birthday party, but would work just as effectively for a wedding. Each cupcake has two small roses, and a monogrammed plaque with either 


Another cake for a friend’s wedding, the main cake travelled all the way down to Essex for the reception but as the celebrations were split over two different days, with the cupcakes for the day of the ceremony itself, they were collected by the groom who travelled up to us and back in an evening! 

Wedding Photo

The lady who ordered this cake was the sister of a previous bride (a friend), both were short notice weddings, and this one, like the roses and lilies cake with accompanying book cake, needed a printed photo and verse on it which I outsourced.  The difference being this one was to be transported some distance 

Flowers Wedding Cake

This cake was ordered via a wedding planner  – it is an interpretation of a cake that the bride had seen in a magazine, but slightly downsized. The flowers are silk, provided by the planner, and to give the cake a bit more interest I piped a dot pattern around each tier in royal icing. 

Sunflowers Cupcake Tower

This lovely lady was unfortunately ill on the day of her consultation so her fiance attended with strict instructions not to eat all the tasters himself!  She had a few ideas on how she wanted the cupcakes to look but left a lot up to me, so the samples provided a variety of different styles 

White (Chocolate) Wedding

Another cake which was inspired by one of my wedding cake dummies, and a variation on the original design.  The original was made from chocolate fondant, and I’d wanted to make a version in modelling chocolate.  The couple in question wanted a white chocolate version, so this time I used white modelling chocolate, and added 

“Alternative” Black & Red Wedding

The couple who ordered this cake had seen my gothic wedding cake dummies on my site, liked what they saw, and thought, after approaching other cake makers with no luck, that I may be on their wavelength when it came to designing and delivering a wedding cake with an “alternative” look, but not quite so 

Lilies & Roses Wedding

Another wedding cake for a friend, and it needed to be delivered to Ipswich area, luckily we were invited guests too!  Transported in two sections with extra flowers and finally assembled at the venue.  Also because of the numbers expected due to the fact it was to be served immediately after the church service rather than at 

Super Wedding

I love an unusual design, particularly if it comes with a story, even if only a short one.  This was a wedding cake for a couple who wanted very different things in the design of their cake.  One was a superhero fan and wanted a themed cake, the other partner wanted something very traditional.  Doing