His Harley Davidson is his pride and joy. so what better way to celebrate this gentleman’s landmark 4oth birthday than a model of it on top of a cake. This is one of the most involved models I have made, and is entirely edible – it took over a week to make!  


A very colourful Disney cake, totally different from anything I’ve done before, and although I usually make a point that all my decorations are as edible as possible, the recipient of this cake also gets the plastic figures to play with, and I don’t have any copyright infringement issues either!  In all a very fun 

New Baby

Cupcakes for a very special baby shower.  This was for a lady with whom I work, and were ordered by another of my colleagues.  The booties and bottles cupcake design goes back a few years for me, to when I first started out, being ordered by the recipient of these latest ones for one of 

Caught in the Web

A very popular superhero, but the first time I have been asked to make him.  Working with the customer to find ideas that would appeal to her son, we starting with a selection of superheroes in one cake, established his actual favourite character and finally narrowed it down to this one in particular, I suggested this particular 

Margharita Time

This cake was an unusual one in that it was designed by the recipients – two young ladies, who would be sharing a birthday party.  The zebra pattern, and coloured stripes are nothing new as far as cake design in itself, but go well together on this cake – as well as the different coloured 

Sweet Enough

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me……I went a just a little overboard with my own birthday cake this year – my own birthday is a great chance for me to try out some ideas and this one had been floating around in my head for some time (yes I worry too, sometimes!).  I 

Happy Honeymoon

This is the first time I’ve ever been asked to make a “honeymoon” cake!  The wedding was due to take place on one day, with a honeymoon going away party on another night – I didn’t make the wedding cake, but I was asked to make a special cake to wish the newlyweds well as 

Teddy Pops

You want teddy bears on sticks?  no problem!  cake pops in the shape of teddy bears’ heads to complete a home-made teddy themed birthday party cake – was happy to oblige and I think they look quite cute too.

Purple Roses

For a friend whose mother would be celebrating her 80th birthday – the favoured flowers were roses, and to avoid looking like a ruby wedding celebration we decided to steer away from red roses and instead go for purple which is one of her favourite colours.   The customer picked a design which grouped the roses