Sew Far, Sew Good

Playing about with a germ of an idea I picked up at Cake International in London earlier in the year, I created this sewing/patchwork themed cake for my own birthday this year.  The colours are not normally what I would choose for myself, but I liked the fresh feel that they gave the cake.  I 

The Gathering

  What can I say about this order? One of the most ambitious hand painting and modelling jobs yet I think, with a very unusual subject matter. The cake (as is often the case) has a story with it… was made for a pub that opened its doors on the same day last year that 


An investment in some new cake tins was made for this order – a 3D golf ball for a lady golfer – this was the equivalent of two 8″ square cakes in the amount of cake made, and it was deceptively heavy!   A few flowers prettied it up and made it more feminine.


No, not the film!  A friend asked if we could make a cake for one of his biker mates – the picture he sent me was the guy’s avatar on his bike discussion forum.  Bit of a short notice order this one, but with such a specific design it didn’t require too much thinking/planning time, 


The brief received was for a stripper sitting on the side of a cake – given the timescale (this was a later order) there wasn’t enough time for the model to dry enough for me to be confident that she would safely sit on the side of a cake, so I worked with the customer 


I was pleased to be asked to make a cake for a gentleman that I worked with for about a year before his retirement – the order was placed secretly by his wife and everything was very “hush-hush”! The main cake was fruit cake, because it is his favourite, with cupcakes a mixture of chocolate, 

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty themed cake for a little girl who was 5 today.  She chose the design from a picture she had seen, and I adapted it so as not to do a direct copy and make it more individual for her.  The bow is from the original, the flowers are mine, and the banner at the 

Party Cake Experimentation!

I saw these little biscuit tube things in a local shop and it gave me an idea for a cake, in fact I ended up making three in different flavours just for experimentation!  These are only small, but would scale up quite happily. The square one is chocolate mint, the cake is chocolate, the buttercream 

Alien Cake and matching cake pops

A birthday cake for someone with a fascination with aliens!  The cake was vanilla sponge, and from the trimmings of the cake I made some mint flavoured cake pops which I covered in white chocolate melts coloured green.  Went down a treat, and a novelty to find green cake inside when cutting it!